The project Music & Language was carried out in the school year 2017/18 in cooperation between Theresialyceum in Tilburg, Netherlands and Kalundborg Gymnasium in Kalundborg, Denmark. In the project we aimed at educating students at secondary level to be globally engaged citizens and to prepare them for the 21st Century.

 We used music as an international language as a kickstarter for intercultural exchange. The project included two exchanges for 26 students from the music classes at our schools. The exchanges provided the participants with an opportunity to expand their intercultural mindset.

The participants meet new challenges in a safe environment which aimed at giving them inspiration, curiosity and motivation to seek out and engage in international activities and cooperation in the future. The project focused on dialogue and co-creation in order to prepare the students for acting as global citizens in different settings and different parts of their lives.

Read more about the project in our Project Presentation.

For information about the project activities (described in the project presentation) see the following resources:  

1) Making music and lyrics together

i) Presentation

2) Video Assignment

ii) Playlist for Video Assignment

iii) Description of Playlist

iv) Student productions

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